Tactical Battle Command (TBC) is a suite of products and services that include the Maneuver Control System (MCS) and Command Post of the Future (CPOF). TBC is a critical element of the Mission Command Systems (MCS) which combine multiple complex capabilities into an integrated tool set allowing Warfighters to visualize the battle space and synchronize the elements of combat power while simultaneously collaborating and sharing data in near-real time. Operators include Commanders, primary staff, and battle staff personnel from across the Battlefield Operating Systems (BOS).

Command Post of the Future (CPOF) – (Version QR1FY09 & BC09.0.4 & BC10.0.2) is the central command and control system for Army maneuver elements in battalion through corps echelons. CPOF provides the user capability to simultaneously collaborate and share data among operators at the same echelon and also between operators at other echelons in near real-time.  CPOF supports the Commander’s battle management and information operations by rapidly processing and displaying combat information from other supporting Mission Command Systems (MCS).  CPOF serves as an information-centric tool that provides near real-time knowledge sharing that enhances team effectiveness and decision-making.  This allows Senior Commanders to quickly review shared data simultaneously with subordinate units, which improves overall battlefield awareness. 

Maneuver Control System (MCS) - (version 6.4.xx) MCS consists of a network of computer workstations that integrate information from subordinate maneuver units with those from other Mission Command System battlefield functional areas to create a joint common data base referred to as the Common Operating Picture or COP. Tactical information products, such as situation maps and reports, allow the display and manipulation of this information. MCS also provides a means to create, coordinate, and disseminate operational plans and orders.


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Below is a brief description of the course we provide.

  • The TBC Operator’s course is designed to teach new skills and bolster existing skills of the system users. This “hands-on” course is tasked based, with each block involving functions tied to the role of the specific MCS system. The training runs (4) days, which will be broken down into (2) days of Command Post of the Future (CPOF) followed by (2) days of Maneuver Control System (MCS). This can be split into two drill weekends for units requiring this. The course can be taught at the MTC or training can be conducted at the unit’s local facility. Training conducted at the MTC consists of an ten (10) person class with all necessary machines, software and documentation provided during the training.

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